What a Yard Sale Reminded Me About Friendship

You know when you decide to have a yard sale, and it seems like a great idea at the time? Until you find yourself dreading the early morning set up, you end up sitting outside alone for hours, and you can’t wait until it’s over.

I know that feeling. That’s why I don’t usually have yard sales.

That all changed last Saturday.

Recently, my friend Amber suggested that a few women in our neighbourhood host a yard sale together. I’d never done that before and decided to participate. So, last Saturday, several of us got together and held a yard sale at my house.

I knew immediately that this was a different kind of yard sale.

That’s because I was sharing the morning with some great women. Women who helped each other set up and pack up. Women who pitched in to help each other with sales. Women who traded or gave each other items from their tables. Women who talked, shared and laughed — women who enjoyed each other’s company and had fun.

It was a great reminder.

When you have a circle of women you can be yourself around, relax with, and count on; life is better. Whether at work, in your neighbourhood, in your friendships, or your family, you thrive when you spend time with likeminded women who are supportive and authentic. Women who want you to succeed. Women who help you rise.

Cherish your circle.

You may not find this kind of positive, empowering connection with all women, but when you do, treasure it. Because one thing I’ve learned from a yard sale is that everything in life is better when you share it with wonderful women.

Who are the women you can be yourself around? Let me know in the comments below.

You’re wonderful.