Welcome to The Wonderful Women’s Club,

A place where you are free to be who you really are.

What is The Wonderful Women’s Club?

A gathering place for women where you are accepted, inspired, encouraged and supported for being who you really are, a wonderful woman.

What is a Wonderful Woman?

Your true self.  The real YOU buried beneath all the things you’ve been conditioned to believe you should be, and all the things you’ve been told you can’t be.

Your inner Wonderful Woman is authentic, powerful, unique, and beautiful.

Who is a Wonderful Woman?

We are all Wonderful Women.

No matter where we come from, what we look like, the mistakes we’ve made, or the opinions that others hold about us – we are all wonderful. Plain and simple.

Why The Wonderful Women’s Club?

Every woman needs a place where she can be her true self.

As women, we often spend our lives fulfilling the expectations of those around us. We’re inherently defined by the many roles we play, while a constant flow of messages and labels that we aren’t quite “good enough” flood our daily lives. We feel enormous pressure to try harder, do more, appear perfect, in order to gain acceptance from those around us. All the while, we hide the fears, imperfections, doubts, and failings that we think make us appear unworthy, weak, or different.

And we end up burying out true selves in the process.


At The Wonderful Women’s Club you will find a welcoming community of wonderful women traveling a similar path. 

Together, we gather in a safe place of belonging where we are free to share the joys, sorrows, and experiences that tell the story of who we really are.

When we are rooted in a supportive community with like-minded women, we can become more confident, more aware, and more open to our true selves and the wonderful life we are all capable of living.


It is a place to be real. A place to be honest. A place to let your true-self be.

No judgement. 


A place where you belong simply by being yourself.

Join Us Today

Join us at a local gathering of The Wonderful Women’s Club where you will connect with like-minded women while sharing good food, our collective experiences, and ultimately our true selves.

We are all Wonderful Women. Smart, beautiful, worthy women capable of living a wonderful life.

So, let’s be who we really are….together.


Join us at our next Gathering!  Count me in!

Deborah T., Kitchener, ON

Deborah T., Kitchener, ON

At The Wonderful Women’s Club I feel good about meeting up with other women to listen and learn from each other. I leave feeling inspired, less alone, empowered and excited to listen and learn more.