I have something to say that will connect with your readers. My ability to write authentically and personally about the journey to embracing your real self resonates with women who share similar feelings and experiences. I offer insight and inspiration on how women can see themselves in a new way – as who they really are instead of who they think they should be.



Selecting the right keynote speaker for your event is essential to its success.

My message will powerfully connect with the women in your organization to motivate, inspire, and encourage them to unearth their true selves and transform their lives.

Whether at  conferences, workshops, community events, or spiritual assemblies, my personal stories, knowledge, and experience have the power to show women that they are enough just as they are.

Once they start living from a place of who they really are – instead of who they think they should be – women are immediately capable of creating a wonderful life at home, at work, and in their community. This can transform the world.


Keynote Speeches and Workshop Topics Include:

  • The Wonderful Woman Within – who you really are beneath who you think you should be.
  • Guiding Principles: The Foundation for a Wonderful Life.
  • When Women Gather – the transformative power of community.
  • Women at Work – how to be your true self within the world of professional expectations
  • Women and Health – how we sacrifice our personal well-being for others and how to change that.


Please send me a note if you are interested in my writing or scheduling an event. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Karolyn Hart, Canada

Karolyn Hart, Canada

It was an absolute pleasure working with Mary Lou. Her articles for my women’s on line magazine received some of our highest level of visits. In addition to being a talented writer she is also a consummate professional and it was a delight to work with her.