Hello Wonderful Woman!

I’m Mary Lou Roe – founder of The Wonderful Women’s Club.

I believe that, beneath all the things you think you SHOULD be, is the wonderful woman you ARE.

I didn’t always feel this way.

In fact, I spent a lifetime pouring all of my energy into being the person I thought I was supposed to be.

I was always on my best behaviour, meeting the needs of others, measuring myself against impossible standards of perfection, and putting my own health and well-being last.

I was constantly basing my personal value on what others thought of me so that I felt accepted and fit in.

I was trying to make everything look ideal on the outside. But on the inside, I felt like I was drowning.

Until One Day…

…I pushed myself beyond reasonable limits and fell very ill. Warning signs that I had been ignoring for years – physical exhaustion, anxiety, vertigo, and weight loss – had finally caught up with me. I no longer had the energy I needed to keep up with my frantic pace of perfectionist living. I was burnt out.

That’s when I realized, that trying to be who I thought I was supposed to be was destroying the real me. I saw that I was silencing my voice, sacrificing my health, disregarding my values, and overlooking my needs, in order to earn the approval of others.

I wasn’t being the authentic woman, mother, friend, or partner I could be. I was hiding who I really was.  And I knew I had to make a change.

I decided in that moment that it was time to let go of my exhausting patterns of perfectionism and pleasing, striving, and proving. And instead, unearth and embrace the woman I really am, in order to create a wonderful life where I could simply be myself.

Guiding Principles

Unearthing my true self has been a long journey of self-discovery, where I’ve learned that there is no finish line. Instead, for me, it is a continuous practice of self-acceptance, strengthened by three Guiding Principles that I established, and live by, each day.

Honour your wisdom

The first thing I’ve learned is that I have to know and trust myself. In order to live authentically, I have to live from the inside out: believing in my own wisdom, self-worth, and abilities. I’ve come to realize that, after a lifetime of trauma, drama, successes, and failures, I’ve learned key life lessons from each experience that guide me every day. Truly, I’ve realized something amazing. I already have all the wisdom, creativity, and ability to live life on my own terms.

And so do you.

Share the journey

The second thing I’ve learned is that I feel most like my real self when I gather with authentic women: welcoming, supportive, encouraging women who accept me for who I am, no matter what mistakes I’ve made or where I come from; women who have their own struggles and doubts; women who teach me through the examples of their own experience.

I’ve discovered where I truly belong – in community with wonderful women.

You belong here too.

Be who you really are

Every day, trusting in myself, surrounded by remarkable, supportive women, I am being who I really am. I’m drawing on the wonderful woman I know myself to be deep inside. I’m challenging my old patterns of perfectionism and pleasing. I’m prioritizing my own health and well-being. I’m using my voice and speaking my truth. I am living life on my terms.

And I finally feel like I can breathe.

So can you.

Life is Wonderful

Living each day from the core of who I really am is an exhilarating, challenging, continuous journey. There are struggles, realizations, beginnings, and endings.  And every moment is worth it, even the tough ones. Because now I am living a wonderful, imperfect life. One that is authentic, joyful, and free.

You can too.

You are a Wonderful Woman

My mission is to help you embrace the wonderful woman you really are.

Join me and a vibrant community of women as we share our personal stories, insights, and experiences that remind us all that we are  wonderful women. 

A wonderful life is waiting for you.

This is a journey you can share. You don’t have to do it alone. 

There is a whole community waiting for you.  Join us, today!

My Background:

  • 2014 – Present / Writer, Speaker, and Wonderful Woman Ambassador, Enthusiast and Champion
  • 2016 / Transformational Teambuilding Training Program, Lehtonen Management Consulting
  • 2014 / Owner, Wonderful Women Inc
  • 2009 / Founder, The Wonderful Women’s Club
  • 2008 / Women’s Studies Diploma, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • 2007 – Present / Freelance Writer

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Marquetta Gunderson

Marquetta Gunderson

Owner / Second Look Saddlery, Union, Kentucky, USA

Mary Lou is a leader in the true sense. She inspires women longing for something more. She lifts you up and makes you feel like it’s possible to be your most wonderful self. It isn’t something she does – it’s who she really is.