How a Christmas list reminded me about self-love

It’s December, and Christmas preparations are in full swing at my house. The tree is decorated, the outdoor lights are turned on, the baking has begun, and yesterday, I went Christmas shopping.

I love Christmas. Over the years I’ve learned that by planning in advance I can enjoy the season to the fullest while minimizing the potential for last-minute stress and forgotten details.

I approach Christmas shopping in much the same way. Yesterday, I went prepared with well-thought-out gift ideas that I hoped would reflect the love, affection, and gratitude I have for the special people in my life.

While looking at a dazzling display of Christmas candy at a local shop, I started chatting with another woman who was also doing her holiday shopping. We compared lists, gift ideas, and treasures found. During our conversation, she described a beautiful bathrobe she had purchased for her daughter-in-law.

“I wish someone would give me a robe like that,” she said softly.

That caught my attention.

It suddenly occurred to me that my new acquaintance hadn’t thought to put herself on her Christmas list…and neither had I.

We forget about self-love.

For many of us, remembering to show love to ourselves – whether in the form of gifts, compassionate self-talk, or self-care – isn’t something we regularly do. As women, we’re used to showing love and gratitude to everyone else in our lives and often overlook expressions of self-love in the process.

Why don’t you buy a robe as a Christmas gift for yourself? I suggested.

The woman looked at me as if confused. She’d never thought of buying herself a Christmas gift before.

“Buy it for myself?” she asked.

Yes! I replied. Wrap it up and put it under your tree for Christmas morning. It’s a gift for you, from you.

“I just might do that,” she said with a smile.

An important reminder.

After we parted, I wandered around the store feeling grateful for the conversation we’d just had, and for the reminder that there’s someone special I need to add to my Christmas list this year. Me.

Did you include yourself on your Christmas list this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You’re wonderful.

Mary Lou