An Abundance of Blessings

I didn’t make big plans for the day of my 50th birthday. Instead, I decided to give myself a day off from working, running errands, appointments, cooking, and house cleaning. I planned to spend the day relaxing, reading books, and watching my favourite Netflix series. It seemed like a nice, low-key way to usher in my 50th year.

But that’s not what happened.

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up to a beautiful display of gifts and cards from my husband and sons. Soon after, the phone started to ring, and it kept on ringing…for two hours. Old friends and new called to wish me well, to catch up, and to share memories. My Facebook page and inbox overflowed with birthday wishes. I received a touching card from a lovely neighbourhood boy who spends time with our family. I ended up meeting a good friend in the afternoon to see a movie. And, a couple of days later, a group of terrific neighbours and friends threw me a surprise party.

It was a wonderful birthday. But, needless to say, it was not what I expected.

That’s because, when I was deciding how to celebrate my birthday, it hadn’t occurred to me that other people might want to celebrate me, too.

Like you, I’m often so busy following the regular routine of life that I don’t think about how I might be impacting someone else’s world. I don’t usually consider that who I am, or the things I do might really matter to someone else.

But on my birthday, the abundance of blessings, goodness, and love that I experienced, made me realize some things that I, too, often overlook.

I am seen.

I am heard.

I am loved.

I matter.

And so do you.

When do you feel seen, heard, and valued? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You’re wonderful.

Mary Lou