A Fresh Start

It’s New Year’s Day, and I’m feeling hopeful about the year ahead. For many of us, it’s a time to reflect, reset, and recommit to living our best life.

That’s what I’m doing today.

2018 was a challenging year, and I admit, I’m happy to turn the page. Despite many blessings and much for which to be grateful, I’m looking forward to a fresh start, full of new possibilities and opportunities.

For me, that means focusing on things that help bring balance, happiness, and fulfillment to my life.

My intentions

This year, I’m focusing on patience and self-care.

I intend to be patient with myself, to give myself a break when I get it wrong, and to give myself time to make clear, thought-out decisions.

I’d like to pause before I speak, listen before I react, and be present in the moment before moving on to the next thought or action.

I intend to put my own wellbeing first, to rest when I’m tired, to say no when I’m overscheduled, and to stay true to my priorities.

My inner compass

I have no doubt that I’ll face unexpected challenges and difficulties in the year ahead. But by setting clear intentions from the start, I have connected to an inner compass that points me in the right direction, no matter where the year takes me.

Have a wonderful New Year! And may you choose intentions that help you find your inner compass, too.

You’re wonderful.

Mary Lou